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Organisation Tips #StayAtHome


Do you like being in a clean, decluttered, fresh space?

As the #stayathome and #flatteningthecurve is prolonged for certain locations, we as human beings are truly adapting to what is the new norm. You see a lot online that people are starting to find many ways of killing time or trying to make use of their time.

Well, if you are someone who has a little bit of OCD nerves in you, this season has proven to be a great time to organise your home, and we have 3 basic organisation tips to share! These are oldie but a goodie kind of topic, but it’s a great refresher for everyone to get inspired – yes readers, let’s do something productive today.

Tip #1: Scan the room.

Take a look at your environment, any room you are targeting to tackle this organisation task. It might be your bedroom, home office, kitchen, living room or dining room. What do you see? Honestly? Any clutter, any dirty spots that’s hidden in the corner that you probably never really cared to clean?

With your vision, scan the space, and categorised all the items and space you can make use of. This is where a little bit of your imagination is very much needed. Imagine how you would restructure your room. Each items should be categorised into segments, and each segments should have a spot.

Done with the scanning? Let’s move on.

Tip #2: Take out all your clutter, and put it in an designated area in the room.

Just like what Marie Kondo does at the beginning of the decluttering ritual, take out all your items. Have an area where you can, literally, put all your items and lay it out. Take another look and see which items you can actually donate, or pass on to other (a.k.a not to keep). Put these in one pile.

Now as for the rest of the items that you are still planning to keep, again, categorised them into segments and put them under different piles accordingly. For example, say you are in your bathroom and you have a mix of beauty items, categorised them under the following: “top shelves” skin care (what you use mostly), night creams, day creams, make up by segments (eyeshadow, foundation, blush, eyebrows and so on) lips and so on.

Tip #3: Create a “home” for your items, by category.

Look around again, scan your room and find spaces – more so, create spaces for your items that you have categorised. This is essential as the final step (don’t forget to clean all corners first before you store your items) to ensure everything is tidy and neat. It will be easy for you from now onwards to find your belongings, find what you need, find what you want on a regular basis.

Store items that you frequently used (or want to deplete, like that long overdue set of pens that have been sitting in the corner for a while) near areas that you consistently use, so you remember to actually make use of them.

It’s surprising to see how many items you may find that you totally forgot about, and you find new pleasures in reusing old items.

Always declutter and do this cycle every once in a while, we recommend at least once a month – so you stay on top of your organisation game.

Have fun tidying up! Wishing everyone to stay safe and healthy.

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