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5 No-Heat Hairstyles That Are Here To Save The Day (And Your Hair)


In times of bad hair days and hectic mornings, we know you turn to your straightener in an effort to look presentable. While it certainly takes its own sweet time to heat up, it also isn’t ideal for your hair in the long run. So how do you style your tresses quickly without burning them in the process? With a stylish no-heat hairstyle, of course – of which, we’ve got 5 for you to try.

 1. Circular Braid

To try this circular braided hairstyle, simple separate two large sections of hair from either side of the hairline near your temples. Braid each section into 2 separate plaits, wrap them across the back of your head and pin them in a circular shape at the back of the crown.

2. Messy High Bun

A wonderful mix of messy and chic, the high bun is the answer to those mornings when you need to look great. Simply gather the length of your hair in one hand and wrap it tightly around the base until all the hair is used up. Then loosen the base a bit to give it that messy appearance.

3. Pinned down half updo

If you thought bobby pins were only meant to hold your hair in place, you couldn’t be more wrong. Take two hair sections from either side of the hairline, twist them at the back of the head and pin them in place. Now, pin colourful bobby pins over the twisted section in whatever pattern you desire – simple, isn’t it?

4. Scarf Braid

Remove your scarf from winter storage and use it for your next look. Fold the scarf into a long vertical length, wrap it around the head as you would with a hair band and add it into the hair sections when braiding your hair in a three strand plait. No heat needed to look stylish, right?

5. Gibson Tuck

For a vintage inspired hairstyle using no heat whatsoever, try the Gibson tuck. Wear an elastic hairband around your head and starting from the temples backward, take large sections of hair, twist it around the hairband and tuck inside. Continue to do this from one temple to the other, all across the back of your head.

So give your hair a break from heat styling and try these simple hairstyles instead!

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