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Thoughts At Home (While Living Through This Pandemic)


The world is experiencing a global pandemic (covid-19, coronavirus – of which we are probably so sick of hearing already, it is literally engraved in my brain now) that most of the population has never experienced before in their lifetime. This occasion will definitely impact the way we view things, the way we work, do business, interact with others and it forces us to restructure our lives in a probably much needed way.

Do you realize that we have been living in such a fast-paced, on-the-go, non-stop hustling way of life? Although I am a big believer of all of the above, I do personally think that you will always need to step back and reflect on whether the things you are doing, your habit, your routine – are actually making you better or are they actually deteriorating you?

This moment in time, we are all forced to pause. This is a time where instead of being in a state of panic, being fearful, anxious, and worrying due to uncertainties – take some time to breathe and be grateful for all the things, the human relations, the air, the rooftop, the food and every single basic essentials and extras you have in your life.

There are so many victims out there, from people losing their jobs and businesses, falling into a state of depression, to losing their loved ones and losing their lives. I sit here from my room, trying to balance out the good and the bad in everyday life. With every downfalls, there’s always a learning curve, there’s always a wake-up call to make us be better, come back stronger.

While it is easier said than done, let’s try our best to be mindful of what we consume on the media whether it be print or digital platforms. Funnel and filter what links or messages, information that people share with you. Focus on sharing information that matters, focus on lifting others during this challenging times.

This is a short and sweet article, just to give you a friendly reminder – that life is and will always be unpredictable, it is full of uncertainties. Go with the flow, ride over the waves, and always come back stronger and better. Learn to adapt, learn to innovate, learn to motivate and discipline yourself, always be present, and trust me – you will rise above.

Stay healthy, stay well, stay safe, and stay the f home :).

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