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Steve Irwin’s Son – Robert, Is The Image of His Late Father As He Follows In His Footsteps By Feeding Crocodiles At Australia Zoo


Robert Irwin was seen along with his mother Terri and sister Bindi at Australia Zoo as they fed crocodiles.

Running out in front of a watching crowd, Robert was the spitting image of his famous father, who sadly passed away 11 years ago in 2006 when Robert was just three years old.

Robert and his family’s appearance at the crocoseum would likely have made the late Steve Irwin proud.

 Australia Zoo has written of the crocoseum: “The Crocoseum is the fulfillment of one of Steve Irwin’s lifelong dreams.”Steve wanted to provide the visitors to Australia Zoo with the opportunity to see crocodiles in clear water ponds. This idea was to help educate the public by showing them how crocodiles live and behave in the wild.”

Teenager Robert appears to be recovering well from his emergency appendix surgery on New Year’s Day.

Robert’s mum Terri Irwin recently took to Twitter to thank the hospital team for helping Robert during his emergency surgery

She wrote: “The team at McKenzie-Willamette Hospital did a fantastic job removing Robert’s pesky appendix on New Year’s Day. #NationalThankYouDay.”

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