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Scientists have discovered that you can eat as much chocolate as you want — here’s why

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It’s always great to find an excuse to do something that you love more often. Eating chocolate, for example.

Very fortunately for many of us, science now favors this sweet habit. Here’s the big reason why being a ’’chocoholic’’ is no longer something to be worried about.

Chocolate makes us smarter.

That’s right. This is a scientific fact!

968 people aged between 23 and 98 participated in a study that was devoted to discovering the health benefits of eating chocolate. It turned out that those who ate chocolate more often had a better developed visual memory, a more impressive ability to memorize things, better abstract thinking, and better powers of concentration. In addition, scientists found that eating chocolate slows down the aging of the brain and prevents the appearance of diseases like dementia.

The substances within chocolate that have these beneficial effects on our mental activity are called ’’cocoa flavanols.’’ However, the majority of these substances were found in dark chocolate, and only in smaller quantities in milk and white chocolate. So as you can see, the chance of getting the benefits here depends on the type of chocolate.

We here at writink think this is one of the best news ever. We’re going to load up on chocolates! We need it so that we can create better — and so you do!

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