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Four Destinations In Yogyakarta To Be Revamped


The Yogyakarta provincial administration will improve a number of travel destinations located between the new Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progo and Borobudur temple in Magelang, Central Java.

“Tourist attractions that were considered alternative destinations are now our priorities in order to attract foreign visitors landing at the new airport in Kulon Progo,” said Aris Riyanta, head of Yogyakarta Tourism Board, on Tuesday as reported by Tempo (local Indonesian magazine).

Aris said there are at least four destinations in Kulon Progo regency in the works to prepare for the increasing numbers of tourists once the airport begins operations in 2019.

The first is Kiskendo Cave, a natural spot in Menoreh hill, Jatimulyo village, Girimulyo Kulon Progo regency. Situated about 40 kilometers from Yogyakarta, the cave is said to be the place where the king brothers of buffalo-headed Mahesosura and cow-headed Lembusura held an epic fight against brothers Sugriwa-Subali.

A relief depicting the fight was made by an art community in 1980. An amphitheater was also built by the Yogyakarta Tourism Board in February to support the public in performing arts.

The second destination in preparation is Suroloyo Peak, the highest point in Kulon Progo Menoreh hill in Keceme village, Samigaluh regency.

Around 45 km from Yogyakarta, the spot is ideal to watch the sunrise over Borobudur temple. Toilets, food stalls and sufficient parking is available to make visiting time more comfortable.

Nglinggo Tea Plantation in the Menoreh hill is the third new destination. Located in Pagerhajo village, Samigaluh regency, several villagers’ houses are available to rent for overnight experiences in a homestay.

At 800 meters above sea level, the plantation’s panoramic view is breathtaking. Visitors can also learn about the local cultures such as traditional dances and batik making.

The fourth is Banjaroya Tourism Village in Sentolo-Muntilan road, Kalibawang regency. A number of interesting spots here are the Sendangsono Maria Lourdes pilgrimage site, Ancol Kalibawang dam and Agro Durian for fruit enthusiasts.

Aris said revitalizing the spots between Kulon Progo Airport and Borobudur temple will be the administration’s priority in the hope that foreign travelers will take the time to visit Yogyakarta before heading to Borobudur.

Source: http://www.thejakartapost.com/

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