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Courses for Art Lovers (and People Trying to Understand It)

Turn you free time into an arts education


Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be a total downer. In fact, you can actually use this time to learn something new.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City may have closed its doors in March due to coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean it’s not engaging art lovers around the world. Not only can you take a virtual tour of the museum, but you can also deepen your art knowledge through one of the MoMA’s online classes.

MoMA is offering of a few different art courses on its website. All classes are taught through the online portal Coursera and allow participants to learn directly from artists and designers as well as examine the museum’s collection, according to the MoMA website.

Of the handful of classes offered one is perfect for art enthusiasts and beginners. The course, “What Is Contemporary Art?,” examines more than 70 works created between 1980 and today, making it a comprehensive class for people who simply want to know more about the art at MoMA.

MoMA also offers a course on photography and its history (Seeing Through Photographs), which is available in both English and Mandarin, a class on the design and cultural impact of modern fashion (Fashion as Design), and a class that looks at the materials and techniques of modern painters (Postwar Abstract Painting).

In addition, the museum is offering classes that are perfect for educators as well, including courses on art teaching strategies, themes for the classroom, and interactive activities for students.

All online courses at MoMA are available free of charge and never fill up (since it’s online). However, people who wish to receive a certificate of completion must pay a fee. Otherwise, you can register and complete the course at your own pace.

More information about online classes can be found on the MoMA website.

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