OMNIA Dayclub Bali, one of the most highly anticipated lifestyle destinations to hit the island, opens its doors  to eager sun worshippers on Friday, 2 February, 2018.

Hailing from Las Vegas under the famed Hakkasan Group, the OMNIA brand has been a renowned name in nightlife, with OMNIA Nightclub gaining an established reputation quickly after it opened in 2015. However, this newest venture that has opened in Bali is the world’s first OMNIA Dayclub and is set to be a new star player not only on the island, but also in global entertainment.

View from above.

OMNIA Bali is perched atop the stunning limestone cliffs of Uluwatu, on Bali’s southern peninsula. The infinite views of the Indian Ocean are what make Uluwatu a truly exotic destination; the dayclub and restaurant, Sake no Hana, have been meticulously designed to maximise this jaw-dropping panorama from 80-metres above the sea.

VIP Sofa Areas. Time to pop Champagne bottles!
Sake No Hana at the middle of Omnia Dayclub.

It has one of the best sound system by far in the Island of Gods (Bali!). Upon entering, you will have a spectacular view of the cliff and the ocean greeting you with its fresh breeze and waves. Music and ambience is perfect, and we speak of the truth here. It is indeed one of the latest “It” spots to be seen and to hang out at if and when you visit Bali. Go ahead and pop some Champagne, it’s worth it.

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