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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Car License Plate


From digital license plates that automatically update your registration to military-grade license plates that lock up your belongings, here are five way to upgrade your license plate. For more information on the products (featured in chronological order), visit:

RPlate Pro: https://www.reviverauto.com/

Stealth Plate: https://www.510autogroup.com/

Phrame: http://phrame.com/

Following is a transcript of the video: Retractable license plate: This motorized plate folds away with the press of a button. A retractable license plate allows drivers to comply with the law and hide the front plate at car shows and meets.

RPlate Pro: This license plate is electronic. It’s designed to handle extreme temperatures and vibrations. Instead of receiving stickers from the DMV the RPlate Pro will automatically update renewals. It can also display emergency warnings. It’s currently available in a handful of states. The RPlate Pro costs $599 plus a subscription fee.

Stealth plate: Hide your license plate with the touch of a button. The Stealth Plate is designed for show cars. Give your car a clean look in seconds but be sure your plate is visible while on the road.

Phrame: Phrame is a military-strength lockbox for car keys. Secure your keys inside Phrame when you leave and use an app to open it up again. You can grant temporary access to others. This makes it perfect for ridesharing or secure package delivery.

Flipping plate: This motorized plate flips to reveal another plate.

It’s another option to make cars presentable at auto shows. Make sure you use it responsibly. Why settle for a boring license plate.

Source: www.businessinsider.com

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